The Concise Guide to Becoming an Independent Consultant


The Concise Guide to Becoming an Independent Consultant Paperback – Mar 17 1999


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One of the biggest names in the consulting business shows you everything you need to get started–and succeed!

Packed with expert advice, helpful tips, and industry secrets to successful self-marketing, this guide–an abridged version of the bestselling How to Succeed as an Independent Consultant–gives you the crucial tools and techniques you need to both survive and thrive in this highly competitive field. From founding your business to writing proposals to negotiating fees, The Concise Guide to Becoming an Independent Consultant has complete, up-to-date details on:
* Determining the right fields and services for consulting.
* The most common mistakes made by new consultants and the ten laws of survival.
* Finances, taxes, and potential legal issues for consultants.
* Marketing to the public sector, including federal, state, and local government.
* Proposal formats and rationales.
* Alternatives to formal contract documents and letters of agreement.
* Vital consulting skills necessary for draft writing and presentations.
* How to be a cyberspace consultant.

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