Best Practices: Building Your Business with Customer Focused Solutions


Best Practices: Building Your Business with Customer Focused Solutions Hardcover – 1998

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1998. 240 pp. Hardcover. Dust jacket. 24 x 16 cm. Contents: The Language of Process, Hearing is Believing, Hitting a Mioving Target, “Not Employees Only”, Face-to-Face and Ear-to-Ear, Let the Buyer Be Aware, To Service, With Love, Minding the Store of Data, The Ball`s in Your Court.

A useful text with numerous examples to motivate and encourage your team to get creative and innovative. Useful to owners of small businesses and entrepreneurs to understand how the big organisations succeed. It is little things that could be done for big returns. With the focus on simple things like benchmarking and audit, understanding markets, products and services, it brings all together on winning customers. I have often trawled this book for best practices from time to time and without fail, I have found often new insight and ideas each time I flipped through it. Its a kind of book you may want to read and dip into from time to time for ideas to spark your creativity! The best practice agenda & top ten diagnostic questions at the end of each chapter are useful tools to develop your own best practices.

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